Detailed swim course map

Swimming is allowed at the lake daily.  We recommend when you are doing your practice swim, you stay close to the island of Sandy Point Beach (swim start for the event-around the island-to the swim exit for the event), to keep yourself separated from the normal boat traffic at the lake. You will be responsible for your own safety as the lake does not have lifeguards on a daily basis. During the event, we will have lifeguards, kayaks and boats for your safety and the swim portion of the event is not open to non triathlon support boats during the duration of the swim portion of the event.

  • 1.2 mile open water lake swim.
  • Wave starts (approximately 100 per wave), rectangular course counter clockwise, entry at beach area and exit on cement boat dock area, within 20 yards of the transition area. Swim cutoff time is 1:10 after the final athlete starts the swim.
  • Note: The water temperature in Buffalo Springs Lake, on the average, is 70-74 degrees (even during the 113 degree day of 1994 the water temperature was never over 74 degrees). It is a spring fed lake so it stays cool; therefore, you should bring your wetsuits.
  • If you drop from the swim for any reason, please report to the Athlete Information Tent and return your chip to them so that we are confirmed of your safety.

After Sept. 1, 2010, the following changes to our current wetsuit rule will apply:

  • Wetsuits cannot measure more than 5 millimeters thick. A standard variance will be allowed to account for seams and jersey material (non-buoyant).
  • Wetsuits may be worn in water temperatures up to and including 24.5 degrees Celsius/76.1 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Athletes who choose to wear a wetsuit in water temperatures between 24.5 degrees Celsius/76.1 degrees Fahrenheit and 28.8 degrees Celsius/ 83.8 degrees Fahrenheit will not be eligible for awards, including World Championship slots.
  • Wetsuits will be prohibited in water temperature greater than 28.8 degrees Celsius/ 83.8 degrees Fahrenheit.