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Rule changes for 2018:

Yellow Card violations require the athlete to stop at the nearest penalty tent for 30 second time penalty.

Disc brakes are now allowed globally (aligned with the ITU)

PC Open athletes can use one (1) guide of either gender for the entire race (previously the guide had to be the same gender as the athlete)  

In addition, here are a few clarifying points about our IRONMAN Competition Rules:

Unauthorized equipment

(iii) Athletes may not use communication devices of any type, including but not limited to two-way radios, cell phones, smart watches, smart helmets (i.e., helmets enabled with Bluetooth® technology), in any distractive manner during the Race. A “distractive manner” includes but is not limited to making andreceiving phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, playing music, using social media, taking photographs, and mounting the device to a bike for purposes of using the device like a bike computer. Using a communication device in a distractive manner during the Race will result in disqualification;(iv

IRONMAN will still only require the bib number on the run (global default rule).

Letter from Head Referee

Physically Challenged Open Division

Handcycle Division

Special Teams